Q and A

We’ve put together Answers to some Questions for you.

Feel free to ask any questions about the Process to study abroad or PEW. We are always excited to help.

Please find below some answers to questions students have.

  • When will I hear from Pistis Edu world after filling the Enquiry form ?
    PEW will normally reply you within 1 working day to confirm an appointment time with you
  • What programmes can i apply for through Pistis Edu World?
    You can apply for all academic courses such as: pre university courses :-GSCE, A-Levels And University Foundation; Undergraduate Courses :- BSc, BA, LLB, etc; Postgradute Course :- MSc, MA, LLM, MBA
  • When can I start a course?
    You can start your course in September or January/ February, with exception start dates in april, may, june, and july.
  • When do I need to apply?
    Apply as early as possible to avoid rush
  • Why do I need to pay a registration and application processing fees?
    The registration and application processing fees helps Pistis Edu World to pay for the overheads of running offices, as well as covering the cost of extensive communication and courier bills.
  • What services does the registration and processing fees cover?
    The registration and application processing fee covers the following: (1) Advice on choice of schools/ courses (2) Cost of postage (Courier) (3) Telephone bills (4) Visa counseling/ Protocol Service
  • Why do I need to pay a deposit fee in advance?
    To show adequate commitment to study
  • How can I pay my fees?
    You can pay your fees via any of the following: Telegraphic Bank transfer, Bank Draft, Credit Card … etc
  • Is it easy to get a student visa?
    Yes it is with compliance to Pistis Edu World advice.
  • How much does it cost to study overseas?
    It varies however, you can contact Pistis Edu World accordingly.
  • Can I pay my tuition fees by installments?
    Yes you can depending on school’s policy.

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